30 Hour Famine

30 Hour Famine is right around the corner!  For those of you who haven’t signed up make sure to do so soon!  The dates for the event are April 13-14th.  We have fundraising packets up in the Rafters, so make sure to grab one ASAP and start raising money!

You can also set up an account on 30 Hour Famine’s website for people to donate that way.  Below is a series of steps you can reference to (complete with pictures!!).

First step is to set up an account

Click on the Students bar and then click on “create your fundraising page”.  

After you are directed to the new page click on “create your 2012 Overcome Hunger fundraising page!”

From there just follow the directions.

Now to get people to support you make sure to direct them here.

Go to http://www.30hourfamine.org   From there click on the “Donate” page and click “find a student” or “find a famine group”.

From there click the big orange button that says “search for a student” or “search for a group”

After that enter in the student’s first and last name or our group name “Concord Baptist Church”.

From there you will click on their name or our group name which will lead you to their personal page.  On that page you can click the icon on the right of the page “Support (insert student’s name here)” or “Support Concord Baptist Church”.

And that is it!  Hopefully that helps you through the process of giving to those in need of food across the world!  Thank you for your support!!

April Series

This April we are going to begin a new series called “Get In S.H.A.P.E.”  We will be looking at how God has uniquely S.H.A.P.E.d each and everyone of us to serve Him.  Our aim through this series is to help our students find out where they can serve according to the way God has wired them.  The schedule is as follows:

April 1st: Spiritual Gifts (will not be meeting Sunday Evening, HS and MS combined on Wednesday)

April 8th: Easter! No Sunday morning or evening meeting.  That Wednesday we will combine HS and MS and talk about Heart

April 15th: Abilities

April 22nd: Personality

April 29th: Experiences (and Ben’s birthday)

New Look in the Rafters

We have taken our first steps in making the Rafters “clutter-free!”  We have made some rearrangements which have really opened up the room while adding a few things to the walls to give it some color and identity.  Hopefully this will brighten up the look upstairs and make our room a little more inviting for new friends!  Below are a couple of images.  Enjoy.


Spring Break!!

Happy Spring Break!  (Sorry Fox and Seckman students).  We hope that you have an awesome week off and to help ensure you do we will be putting together some different activities to hang out.  We will update you through the Facebook page so make sure to check there to stay updated.  Click here to go there.  See you out there!

Spring Break Schedule

Over Spring Break we are going to still be meeting as usual.  Middle School will have a slight change though, they will meet from 6:30-7:30p on Wednesday for students that are involved in the Easter choir.  High Schoolers will still continue to meet from 6:30-8:00pm on Sunday evenings.  The schedule will stay this way till Easter.  High School will not meet on Easter Sunday but will combine with Middle School that Wednesday (4/11).  Hopefully this makes sense!  If you have any questions please make sure to email Ben.