30 Hour Famine Recap

This past weekend was amazing!  I cannot express how amazed I am at how our great God works in our lives.  Not only did our students raise enough money to keep 10 children fed and healthy for a full calendar year, but they got to understand God’s love for those children and to reach out and serve those in our local community who are also in need.  This weekend was truly a blessing to be a part of.

One thing that was so amazing was that we chose to send our funds that we raised to children in the country of Burundi, a small nation in Africa.  It was great to see that we could be a blessing through our funds but God wasn’t done there.  On Saturday we joined with New City Fellowship to help with some different service projects around the city.  We were given the task to work in an international garden that is used to strengthen the community among Refugees from Burundi!  How wonderful is it that we not only got to see our funds go to these people, but we also got to physically be a blessing in the lives of a few of the people from Burundi!

Please continue to pray with us as we lift up the cause of those who are in need!  Thank you everyone who helped and supported us through this event.


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