As we are looking through the example of the early church in ACTS these next few months I keep asking myself, “what does it look like to be a disciple of Christ?”  When we look at the lives of the disciples of Christ we see them leaving everything they have to follow Christ.  They left their families, friends, jobs, and the lives they knew to follow after Christ.  I think of all the things they had to surrender to follow Him and do His will.  There must have been something that stirred within them that gave them this desire to do so.  Which always makes me wonder in my own life, and I pray that you ask yourself this question this morning, “Am I surrendering my life to Christ?” And if you are not, “What is keeping me from that?”

When you look at your life and how you have come to follow Christ, what has changed?  What have you surrendered to Him?  Has anything changed in your life?  Looking at the lives of the disciples these men didn’t get it at first but when the Spirit came on in them in Acts 2, whoa!  These guys were not the same were they?  So ask yourself this day, “what do I need to surrender to Christ?  How can I be used by Him?”  This is not for your own merit, to make yourself look good, but because you have been radically moved by the Holy Spirit, Christ in you, and you cannot help but surrender your whole life to Him.  As Christians, we rely on the Holy Spirit to move in us, to guide and direct.  Pray for that heart today!

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