Boldness of Stephen

This week we talked about having a boldness for Christ.  I hope that you have been able to share among your friends the beauty of the one true Gospel.  Since we only have ten meetings to attempt at making it through the marvelous Acts of the Apostles I am not able to hit every story.  One that I am bummed that we will not be covering is the story of Stephen in 6:8-7:60.  Take some time today to read through this story and then ask yourself the questions below.

How was Stephen bold with his faith?  What made him bold in his faith?  Take a quick look at 6:10.  What did you learn about the nation of Israel through all of this?  Pray today that God will give you s Spirit of boldness to speak to your friends about the wonderful Gospel of Christ Jesus.  Pray that he will melt the hearts of stones that our friends have built up against God’s word.

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