Good News in your Neighborhood

I was challenged with this thought yesterday, “How are you being the Good News in your neighborhood?”  That kind of shook me.  How is my life at home being an example of the Good News to my neighbors?  I know I spend a lot of time ministering to all of you at church.  But how am I being salt and light to the darkness that resides next door to me?!  I admit this is a big struggle for me.  I have not taken up the mantle in going out to those who live directly across from me.  To be honest I only know the names of one of my many neighbors, and had very little to no conversations with the rest.

One thing I have been busy plotting in my head is how to start that relationship with them and how to show them the Good News of Christ in my life.  How can I show them the joy, passion and excitement that comes with following after Christ.  We know as Christians we are called to live differently.  We do this because of what Christ has done in our lives.  Looking at Romans 1:5 we see that we are obedient, we live differently than the world, for the glory of God’s name among all nations! That includes our neighbors who see us day in and day out.  I know that as I build that relationship with my neighbors I will live my life as an example of the goodness and mercy of Christ that He has shown me.

So I want to hear your thoughts.  Do you struggle with showing the Good News to your neighbors?  What does that even look like in your life?!  Post your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below.

2 thoughts on “Good News in your Neighborhood

  1. I agree. Sometimes we get so caught up in our church lives that we completely forget that God has called us to spread His Good News to others. I think that by building good relationships with those who dont know Christ, we can lead them to ask, “What’s so different about that person?” and when the time comes where they will ask us that in person, we can respond by sharing our tesrimony, and hopefully bring them to know Christ.

  2. Ben, Currently we don’t struggle too much in sharing the our faith. We have organized an Easter Egg Hunt for the neighborhood for over 10 years in which we have someone share the Gospel. And, we have shared in many life struggles with eachother, hopefully, always allowing Christ to shine through those situations and give hope. That is a comfortable place to be. Of course we are not called to be comfortable. As we are preparing to move to a new neighborhood in a few weeks, I am seeing that our comfort level will be challenged…new neighbors to spread the Good News to, new opportunities for us to be who Christ really wants us to be…exciting and challenging.

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