Memorizing Scripture

If you are like me this is something you can say you don’t always do well.  This past month my good friend and I have begun to challenge one another in this area of our faith.  Some of you may find yourselves asking yourself this question, well what is the whole purpose of memorizing scripture anyway?  I have a Bible, I have a Bible on my iPod, iPhone or Android, which is always on me, so why do I need to memorize?  One of my favorite pastors answers this question very well.  So I will let him take care of that.  Check out the video below and ask yourself this, what scripture do I remember?  What can I begin memorizing now?  One thing that always hits me hard is when I think about how there are millions of Muslims in this world that cannot speak or understand Arabic yet they have memorized every word in the Koran!  They do not have the truth and yet it is something more important to them than to us?  What is wrong with this picture?

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