End of Summer Bonfire

On August 8th we will be celebrating the close of our Summer Festivities with a little bonfire over at the Sanftner’s House.   We will be hanging out over there from 5-10pm.  This is a drop off and pick up at the their house event.  Let me know if you need transportation and we can probably get you connected with someone that can carpool with you.  I will be handing out flyers on Sunday Morning with directions and what to bring.  If you will not be there on Sunday and need direction make sure to email Ben by clicking here.  Here is the list of what to bring (based on last name):

  • A-F: Snacks and Chips
  • G-P: Dessert
  • Q-Z: Drinks

Hope to see you there!

House Church Details

This Wednesday we will be hanging out over at the Collins’ house from 6-9pm. They will be cooking up burgers and dogs for us. We ask that you use our guide for bringing goodies (by last name):

A-F: Drinks
G-P: Chips or Snacks
Q-Z: Dessert

They have a pretty sweet movie room so we will be having a movie night while we are over there.  If you need directions to their house you can head over to the CSM group page for them or feel free to email Ben by clicking here.  See you there!

On the Road Again

Wow!  God has done some amazing things on this trip!  I cannot believe all of the blessings that have come out of this.  The unity of our team was something only God could have happen over this week.  So Parents, we will be hitting the road in 10 mins to be back at the church right at noon.  Last night we debriefed the trip together by asking them some basic questions.  Here are some things to ask your student when we get back that should be fresh in there mind from last night:

  • What was your favorite part?
  • What was the hardest part?
  • How did God move/What did God teach you?
  • How are you changed?

Thank you again for all your prayers and support throughout! I am truly very grateful for all of you!


Wow!  Well I am still trying to process what just happened yesterday.  God did some pretty amazing stuff in the lives of the people we are ministering to and our own students as well.  Yesterday the team that has been doing a VBS track at the village of Sisseton led a child to Christ!  Pray that God will allow them to get connected to a local church in the area as well as with the Lykin family at Dakota Sonshine.  One of the hardest things about short term missions is not being able to disciple after leading people to Christ.  Pray that God will raise up people in the life of this child to lead them in the way of Christ.

Last night we got to be a part of something very special.  One of our own students, Nathan Smithee, confessed Jesus as Savior and Lord over his life last night and we even baptized him in the pool at the bottom of the slide!  How awesome is that?  It has been so great to watch him this week and to see how God has been opening his eyes each day on this trip to himself each day.  Praise God with us for this new life in Christ and pray that God will continue to move in Him and that we as a staff in CSM will help challenge and encourage him along the way.  We have truly been overwhelmed with what God is doing this week and cannot wait to share all of the numerous stories with you when we get back.

As we come to our last day today pray that God will move in the hearts and minds of the people that we have been building relationships with.  Pray that God will give us energy to finish strong and not shy away from sharing the Gospel with the people we meet.  Pray that God will continue to build a good reputation for the Dakota Sonshine camp here.  Thank you all!  Your prayers have been such a blessing and comfort to all of us!  And as requested here are some more pictures 🙂

Harvest is Plentiful

…but the workers are few.  This has been my thoughts over the past few days seeing the response of how many children are coming out to the camp here at Dakota Sonshine and out to our VBS stuff.  The team that made it out to Enemy Swim yesterday saw a great response from over 20 kids coming out to their VBS track in their rec center.  We are continuing to hear great stories from each of the students of what God is doing among the lives of these kids and how they are opening up to them.  I am excited to see how God will work in their hearts today and how they will respond to the message of Christ coming to earth.  Tomorrow we will be sharing the Gospel with them and getting them in contact with the family here at the camp.  Continue to pray that God will give the Lykins family wisdom at the camp as they are seeing more kids here than they have ever had before at their day camps.  I can tell it has been stressful but a blessing at the same time.  Thank you again for all of your prayers!  God is moving among the peoples of South Dakota!  “Let the nations be glad and sing for joy!” Psalm 67:4a.  Oh, and here are some pictures as requested! haha!

God is Good…

…well He is all the time, but we definitely had some tangibles from yesterday!  I cannot believe the amount of kids that we saw come through the doors around here.  We had some changes made up and instead of having 3 teams we now have 4 teams!  Yay flexibility! haha!  In the afternoon we picked up kids from 4 different sites.  The people at Dakota Sonshine are used to only seeing about 10-15 kids show up to their place, we ended up picking up 32 kids up and bringing them to their day camp!  How awesome is that?  It was a little chaotic around the camp, since Don and the team definitely were not prepared for the large amount of kids.  Thus, we will be having a 4th team to stay here on the camp site to help with all of the kids that are at the camp, connecting with Don and Teena.

While this was going on at “home base” we sent out three other teams to different places to run a VBS in the neighborhoods.  Our team that stayed in town saw 18 kids come to their little neighborhood vbs and where able to show the Christ’s love through there actions.  The team that went out to Agency saw 10 kids show up while we did the story and craft for vbs, and by the end of their time continued to see more and more kids show up, interested in what was going on!  Our other team that went out to Enemy Swim got a little lost on the road but found their way.  They were able to advertise to the local kids there and it looks like they will be seeing quite a few kids showing up at their rec area today!

It is going to be a busy day to say the least!  Please pray that we will have continued energy throughout the day and week.  Pray that God will continue to give us wisdom in all of these logistics that keep popping up.  Pray that all of the kids that we are coming into contact with will see Christ in us and that by God’s mercy will come to a saving knowledge of Him.  Thank you all for your prayers!  You guys are as much a part of the team as we are and we are truly thankful for you!


Nice forecast of rain today! This will change the look of the day for us probably dramatically. Pray that God will give us wisdom and guidance on how to best spend our time today to impact these people for his name.


Things are moving along this morning. Lots of changes as expected. We are going to be heading to 3 villages to do vbs camps. The places are Sisseton, Agency and Enemy Swim. Please pray for us as we go and serve in these places, that God will move in the lives of the children we meet and that they will get connected with the camp and staff here at Dakota Sonshine. We will be spending the afternoon today going into 4 villages advertising the day camps for Dakota Sonshine for throughout the week! Thank you for your guys support!