God is Good…

…well He is all the time, but we definitely had some tangibles from yesterday!  I cannot believe the amount of kids that we saw come through the doors around here.  We had some changes made up and instead of having 3 teams we now have 4 teams!  Yay flexibility! haha!  In the afternoon we picked up kids from 4 different sites.  The people at Dakota Sonshine are used to only seeing about 10-15 kids show up to their place, we ended up picking up 32 kids up and bringing them to their day camp!  How awesome is that?  It was a little chaotic around the camp, since Don and the team definitely were not prepared for the large amount of kids.  Thus, we will be having a 4th team to stay here on the camp site to help with all of the kids that are at the camp, connecting with Don and Teena.

While this was going on at “home base” we sent out three other teams to different places to run a VBS in the neighborhoods.  Our team that stayed in town saw 18 kids come to their little neighborhood vbs and where able to show the Christ’s love through there actions.  The team that went out to Agency saw 10 kids show up while we did the story and craft for vbs, and by the end of their time continued to see more and more kids show up, interested in what was going on!  Our other team that went out to Enemy Swim got a little lost on the road but found their way.  They were able to advertise to the local kids there and it looks like they will be seeing quite a few kids showing up at their rec area today!

It is going to be a busy day to say the least!  Please pray that we will have continued energy throughout the day and week.  Pray that God will continue to give us wisdom in all of these logistics that keep popping up.  Pray that all of the kids that we are coming into contact with will see Christ in us and that by God’s mercy will come to a saving knowledge of Him.  Thank you all for your prayers!  You guys are as much a part of the team as we are and we are truly thankful for you!

4 thoughts on “God is Good…

  1. How truly exciting! Our God is amazing and so are all of you as you leave yourselves open to be used by Him. We are all so proud of you and continue to pray for you daily. Sometimes several times a day!

  2. Thank you Ben for the updates. I look forward to them each morning. Any photos would be awesome too :o)

    Praise God for making ways for each of the Dakota kids to hear His Word. Praise Him for each of the youth and leaders who answered the call from Concord to go on the trip

  3. Awesome news! God is good! I know He is using all these things to point the S. Dakota kids, Concord youth and leaders to Him! We continue to pray and think of you everyday!

  4. That is fantastic news. My you are all so busy. Thank God for your energy and dedication to the kids in S. Dakota. I will keep up my prayers as all of us wish you guys the best ever day tomorrow. I just love hearing about your days adventures. Thanks for keeping us included. Bless you.

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