Harvest is Plentiful

…but the workers are few.  This has been my thoughts over the past few days seeing the response of how many children are coming out to the camp here at Dakota Sonshine and out to our VBS stuff.  The team that made it out to Enemy Swim yesterday saw a great response from over 20 kids coming out to their VBS track in their rec center.  We are continuing to hear great stories from each of the students of what God is doing among the lives of these kids and how they are opening up to them.  I am excited to see how God will work in their hearts today and how they will respond to the message of Christ coming to earth.  Tomorrow we will be sharing the Gospel with them and getting them in contact with the family here at the camp.  Continue to pray that God will give the Lykins family wisdom at the camp as they are seeing more kids here than they have ever had before at their day camps.  I can tell it has been stressful but a blessing at the same time.  Thank you again for all of your prayers!  God is moving among the peoples of South Dakota!  “Let the nations be glad and sing for joy!” Psalm 67:4a.  Oh, and here are some pictures as requested! haha!

5 thoughts on “Harvest is Plentiful

  1. Ben…we pray for continued endurance in all and for God to make clear to everyone how to accomodate all of those coming forward…for we know He will. Thanks for the photos, keep them coming. It makes you all so much closer to home when we see them. Can’t wait to see my sweet girl.

  2. Ben thanks for the continued updates and we are o excited to see how God seems to be throwing the doors of opportunity wide open for all of you. Thanks for the pictures. They are awesome! Can’t wait to see all of you. You guys need to hurry back. Our cardinals can’t seem to win!

  3. Glad to hear that so many kids are coming around to see what is going on. Praying for all of you. Keep the pictures coming. I like to see what is happening up there.

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