Wow!  Well I am still trying to process what just happened yesterday.  God did some pretty amazing stuff in the lives of the people we are ministering to and our own students as well.  Yesterday the team that has been doing a VBS track at the village of Sisseton led a child to Christ!  Pray that God will allow them to get connected to a local church in the area as well as with the Lykin family at Dakota Sonshine.  One of the hardest things about short term missions is not being able to disciple after leading people to Christ.  Pray that God will raise up people in the life of this child to lead them in the way of Christ.

Last night we got to be a part of something very special.  One of our own students, Nathan Smithee, confessed Jesus as Savior and Lord over his life last night and we even baptized him in the pool at the bottom of the slide!  How awesome is that?  It has been so great to watch him this week and to see how God has been opening his eyes each day on this trip to himself each day.  Praise God with us for this new life in Christ and pray that God will continue to move in Him and that we as a staff in CSM will help challenge and encourage him along the way.  We have truly been overwhelmed with what God is doing this week and cannot wait to share all of the numerous stories with you when we get back.

As we come to our last day today pray that God will move in the hearts and minds of the people that we have been building relationships with.  Pray that God will give us energy to finish strong and not shy away from sharing the Gospel with the people we meet.  Pray that God will continue to build a good reputation for the Dakota Sonshine camp here.  Thank you all!  Your prayers have been such a blessing and comfort to all of us!  And as requested here are some more pictures 🙂

4 thoughts on “Processing

  1. What awesome news! Thanks for letting us be a part of all that God is doing there. Travel safely, and we will see you soon!

  2. You just want to shout for joy after reading your blogs. What a special blessing to watch our kids grow in God’s love. Thanks again for all you are doing with our youth. The pictures are awsome. Have a safe trip home and can’t wait to hear more.

  3. How awesome is this post! We had to read it twice this morning. Be blessed and drive safely tomorrow and Sunday.

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