Renovations Part 3

Here are some more pictures to keep you updated with all that is happening upstairs.  Almost done! Still have yet to put up TV’s, fix up some some things, put together furniture and more!  Reveal will be on Sunday morning at 1:00pm after the Q&A after church at 12:15pm.

Renovations Part 2

Renovations are starting to really take form in the room.  Our designer, Tom Clark, just landed in town yesterday and has been busy getting things put together and adding some really cool ideas to the room. Our furniture has been ordered and is on its way for the living room sections.  I am pretty sure everyone in the church is about to be really jealous of the space we have!  Our lighting will be getting installed this coming week and the painting will be getting finished up.  Now before you freak out looking at the pictures below, don’t worry the gray is just primer. If you are available to help with painting and other odds and ends we could definitely use your help throughout this week.  Please call or email Ben when you are available and we can work something out! See you out there and enjoy the updated photos.

Photo Scavenger Hunt

This coming Sunday and next Wednesday we will be having our HS and MS photo scavenger hunts respectively.  Our evening will be extended from 6-8:30pm instead of our usual 6:30-8pm.  You will need to bring yourself, a camera of sorts, and a friend!  We will be driving all around the south county area competing against the other cars to get all of the clues first!  We will reward the winning car with a prize at the end of the hunt.  We hope that you will be able to join us.

Table Talk

Parents!  In case you haven’t noticed I have been uploading some discussion material for you to have with your teen as you read through the chapters in the Story.  You can find them under the parents page labeled “Story Resources“.  I just finished uploading chapter 2’s discussion questions.  You can click here to look at that.  The questions are meant to be used as conversational pieces wherever and whenever the opportunity is given.  I suggest at the dinner table, during commercial breaks, when the Cardinals are losing, in the car, in line getting an iPhone 5, etc.  The idea is to equip you to easily discuss what you are learning together in the Story.  Enjoy!

Renovations part 1

Renovations are underway! Day one is done and there was lots of carpet tearing, sound booth demolishing, general pulling down of stuff, moving stuff and building! Can’t say how thankful I am for all those that came out and helped today! The room is an utter mess but the ideas are beginning to come alive! Woot! Below are some pics from the end of the day




Help Wanted!

Men of CSM and Fathers! We are going to tear up the carpet and a few other things in the Rafters to prepare for the renovations. (Who doesn’t want to destroy things?!) If you are interested in helping, we are going to meet in the Rafters Saturday morning at 8am. Let me know if you can make it. You can call me at the church office (314-843-3500) or by emailing me by clicking here.  Oh, and just so you know there will be Krispy Kremes! #bargainingchip