Thoughts on Chapter 6

There are many times in my life where I have wanted those around me to feel sorry for me and just have a pity party.  We all know those times and are quite familiar with them. Lets be honest, many times they aren’t even that bad when we look at things in perspective.  We can stop and think and see how God has been at work throughout the whole process.  As I read through the account of the Israelites I can’t help but get frustrated with their lack of faith in God. But there in lies the problem, I know the end, I know what happens.  I am reading the account of over 40 years of wilderness in the course of 12 pages (approx. 20 mins).

I think back in my own life and think of the small struggles that I have gone through, how did I handle them?  Was I like Caleb and Joshua, believing in God wholeheartedly; remembering the wonders that He worked in Egypt and everyday while in the desert? I mean here is the thing, the Israelites were a walking miracle, they were in the desert, a wasteland, living and full.  They had clothing that didn’t wear out and food that miraculously appeared every single morning!  So what happened?  Why did they complain? They got comfortable.

I am a big cardinals fan. I live in St. Louis I don’t really have a choice right? Any case, when you watch baseball for the first time you notice something, what these guys do is amazing! The pitchers can throw in the upper 90 and low 100 mph, while keeping it perfectly in this tiny and somewhat debatable strike zone.  Not only that but the batters can hit the ball over 400 feet in distance!  And on top of that these same guys can make some pretty amazing plays to catch the ball and throw a guy “out”.  But what happens with us while watching our teams?  Are we constantly amazed? No. (Unless your team makes a massive comeback from being down 6-0.) We get comfortable. We forget about the talent these guys possess. Now before I move on, I am not saying we should worship these guys and idolize but trying to make a point.

So in the same way, years go by eating the same old thing, walking in the same old dirt and watching the pillar of cloud and fire and the Israelites forget. They get comfortable with the amazing things God does. I do the same thing.  I get comfortable and miss out on the fact that God is doing incredible things in my life. This past month has been stressful and stretching for me working on the renovations in the Rafters. One thing I began to notice is that I already began growing comfortable with what has already happened upstairs. I was getting frustrated with how things weren’t finishing up. I was focused on what needed to be done instead of thanking God daily for the people that he brought around to do so much!

God has blessed us so much with the talent of people in our church. I am so thankful for this chapter in helping remind me of my own forgetfulness. I hope that this chapter has been eye opening for you as well. I pray that God will give you reminders of the great things he has done in your life.

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