Techno Bunco!

Coming next week we are going to be having an invite night for our students. This is an opportunity for them to bring their friends who don’t normally attend church to come and check it out.

Techno Bunco will be exactly what its name suggests, full of Techno and Bunco. We will be replacing our lights with black lights, blasting techno music while playing a rowdy game of Bunco. Now for students that don’t know what the game is or how to play, don’t worry, we will bring everyone up to speed that evening!

For Middle Schoolers we will be hosting it on their typical Wednesday evening (4/17), but extending the night till 8:30pm. For the High Schoolers we will be throwing the event down on Friday night (4/19) and hanging out from 7-11pm. To help pay for the lights and snacks we are asking the High Schoolers to bring $2 to help defray the cost. We hope to see you there!

Techno BuncoWEB


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