Photo Scavenger Hunts!

Each month we switch up our regular evening schedule and do something extra fun! This month we are going to be having a Photo Scavenger Hunt! Our students will be tasked with figuring out clues that will have them taking goofy pictures all over the south county area. Each group of students will hop into a car with a responsible parent as they attempt to complete as many clues in the 1.5 hour time limit. There are always a lot of ridiculous poses that must be done so the memories will be sure to last.

The High School Photo Scavenger Hunt will be on September 22nd from 6:00-8:30pm. The Middle School Photo Scavenger Hunt will be on September 25th from 6:00-8:30pm. Be sure to invite your friends to be a part of the fun. Don’t forget to bring your best facial expressions and poses!

Photo Scavenger Hunt_WEB