New Series This Sunday

This Sunday we are beginning our new series, “Who We Are”. We will be studying our mission and vision of the student ministry at CONCORD. We will take time to explain how we desire students to KNOW God, OWN their faith and make their faith KNOWN. We will walk through how we will help our students grasp Gospel truths throughout the seven years they are in CSM.

During this series, we will also take time to explain some changes that will happen in the life of our ministry. Don’t miss out on hearing what God has in store for us this year! See you Sunday morning at 11am. 

Parent Meeting This Sunday

Parents!! This Sunday at 12:15pm in the Rafters we are having a Parent meeting for all current and new CSM Parents! We will introduce the new groups for the fall, share the coming changes to CSM and look at the important dates for next year (Big Chill, Breakaway and Mission Trips).

Now you might be thinking, what about food? Don’t worry, we have P’sghetti’s sandwiches ordered for you (and your kids, if needed). You might also be thinking, but what about my kids? No worries mon! We will have a couple leaders hanging out with students that aren’t able to go home after church (or don’t feel like sitting through the meeting).

Look forward to seeing you then! Be sure to bring any questions that you have ready! Much Grace.

Back to School Bonfire

Back to School Bonfire is tonight from 5-8pm!! We will be at the Lear’s/Sanftner’s house! We will have pizza and drinks, we ask that you bring a dessert or snack to share. If you need directions you can find them on the Facebook page or by emailing See you tonight!