New Series: Messages in the Old Testament

During the month of November we are beginning a new series “Messages in the Old Testament.” This series will look a little different. Normally, we like to put scripture under the microscope to fully understand all of its complexities. During this series we will take a step back…way back! We will be looking at the forest instead of the trees. Each session we will look at a different book in the Old Testament and discuss the themes and message that God has for us.

My hope is that through this series our students will have a greater foundation of God’s scripture throughout the Old Testament. I pray that this will aid them as they read through the Bible and give them greater clarity to passages that may have been confusing. Below is a rough outline for the series (the themes may change but the books will stay the same).

MORNING (11am Small Groups)
 2 – Intro
 9 – Exodus (God’s Sovereignty & God’s Law)
16 – Judges (The Pride of Man)
23 – 1 & 2 Chronicles (Faithful God with an Unfaithful Nation)
30 – Jeremiah (The Hard Truth)

EVENINGS (6:30pm Worship)
5 – Genesis (God’s Creation & God’s Chosen People)
12 – Joshua (God’s Power in Faith)
19 – Ruth (Redemption in a Lost Nation)
 26 – No CSM (Thanksgiving Break)
Dec 3 – Ezra & Nehemiah (Hope for a Hopeless Nation)


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