Socks & Underwear | Christmas Series

During the month of December we will have a series on Christmas, “Socks and Underwear”. We all know not all Christmas gifts are created equally. Some gifts are lame while others are highly anticipated and fill us with pure excitement…like these kids. So what makes a gift lame? We find gifts lame because they are things we need…kind of like socks and underwear.

This is where many of us find ourselves this Christmas season. We highly anticipate the opening of gifts wondering what we will receive. The sad truth is that many of us have opened the gift of Christ and responded with a dull thud; much like when we receive socks and underwear…like these kids. This series we are going to look at how we can be filled with great anticipation and expectation at the coming of our Savior’s birth; our greatest need.

MORNINGS (11am Small Groups)
7 – Unexpected Gift
14 – Gift Received
21 – Best Gift Ever
28 – NO Small Groups (No 11am Classes)

EVENINGS (6:30pm Worship)
3 – Ezra & Nehemiah (Messages in the OT)
10 – Gift Return
14 – HS Christmas Party (6-9pm)
17 – MS Christmas Party (6-9pm)
24 – NO Evening Worship (Christmas Eve Services at 5pm & 11pm)
31 – NO Evening Worship

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