Big Chill 2015 Relay Teams

Big Chill Relay Teams are set! You can check them out below. Be sure to bring clothing, props, face paint, etc that will show off your team color and spirit!

Also, if you haven’t received the Packing List you can get that by clicking here. You can get the Medical Release form be clicking here. See you on the bus Friday at 3:59pm.


grace. | Series in January

During the month of January we are starting a new series called “grace.” The New Year marks a new beginning. Our students experience a fresh semester with a new GPA. We create new goals for our lives that hopefully give us a fresh outlook in life. What better subject to talk about then than grace?

We want to start from the ground up to better understand what grace is and how vital it is to every single moment of the Christian life. Our desire is that through this series we will better understand that God TRULY paid the price for our sin and how our lives can reflect that! We pray and hope that we as leaders will model what a life of grace looks like; not one marked by trying harder but rather being wrapped in Jesus’ final words on the cross, “It is FINISHED!”

Over the series we will look at the book of Jonah. Jonah gives us an in-depth look into God’s grace and mercy: grace for the Israelites, grace for Jonah, grace for the Ninevites. As you may know, the book of Jonah doesn’t end on a good note. We pray that our lives won’t be a reflection of Jonah’s frustration with God’s grace but rather a celebration of it. Below is our teaching schedule.
MORNINGS (11am Small Groups)
4 – Introduction to Grace
11 – Deadly Plunge
18 – Hearts Exposed
25 – Never-Ending Surprise

EVENINGS (6:30pm Worship)
7 – Introduction to Jonah
14 – Deadly Plunge pt. 2
21 – Hearts Exposed pt. 2
28 – NO Evening Worship (due to Big Chill)