Big Chill 2015 Recap

Where to begin? WOW! That’s where! God is very, very good! It is amazing what He does when we are willing to be used by Him. It is amazing how He speaks to us when we get away from all of the distractions in our life. We saw our students remove some of the barriers in their lives and be open and honest with one another. We got to celebrate how God has brought reconciliation into the lives of many of our students. The one continual theme our students kept bringing up is how they feel like one big family. They feel safe, they feel supported, they feel loved! What joy!

Over the weekend we were challenged to go back to the basics of Christianity as we talked about “First Things First.” Steve Otey, our speaker, did a wonderful job of illustrating Gospel truths into our lives. The band did an amazing job leading our hearts into a time of hearing from God. If you see a student or leader around be sure to ask them what God taught them over the weekend! Below you can check out some of the videos from the weekend.

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