Weekly Recap

Welcome to our Weekly Recap! We want to equip students and parents to live out the Gospel. One way we thought we could do this better is by looking back on what we learned from Sunday and Wednesday. We also want to look ahead to next week’s teaching. This way you can prepare ahead of time and remember what God has taught us.


This Past Sunday we discussed “Meditation and Journaling” in our small groups. We looked at Psalm 1:1-3 as our main text. The major questions we answered were, how do we slow down enough to meditate on the words of God and how do we keep reminding ourselves of what re read throughout the day? After taking time to discuss we spent time meditating and journaling our thoughts on Romans 12:1-2. Remember this week to keep meditating on what you read in your devotionals!

Last night we discussed “Cultural Awareness”. We used oversea trips to help us better understand the Bible. It is easy when we read the Bible to forget that we are going to a totally different culture, since it’s in English. We have to remember a few things as we read to ensure we are reading the Bible according. Here are the four main points, What do I See, What Does it Mean, How Does it Relate, and What Do I Do? As we read through the Bible we have to start from a simple observation of the biblical culture because it’s vastly different from ours. From there we can begin looking at the context to find out what it means. Then we can start looking for the timeless truths that we can apply to our lives today. As we mentioned last night, it takes time, be patient. Just like going oversea, there are so many things to take in, it’s overwhelming.


This Sunday we will talk about what it means to “Memorize” the Bible. We will look at various passages that emphasize the need to commit the scriptures to memory. We will also discuss different techniques that can help us memorize scripture. Click here to see the scriptures that we will look at Sunday morning.

Next Wednesday we will talk about different Bible Reading Strategies. There’s never a one size fits all approach. We want to equip ourselves to read the Bible that is effective for one another. We also want to give some different methods that will hopefully give us a new look at reading the Bible and bring out different things we never noticed before.

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