Weekly Recap

Welcome to our Weekly Recap! We want to equip students and parents to live out the Gospel. One way we thought we could do this better is by looking back on what we learned from Sunday and Wednesday. We also want to look ahead to next week’s teaching. This way you can prepare ahead of time and remember what God has taught us.


This Past Sunday we discussed “Bible Reading Strategies”. We looked over some different ideas that will help change the way we read the Bible. The different strategies we looked at were, “Listening to Audio Bibles”, “Reading a Book in One Sitting“, “Reading Without Chapters or Verses”, and “Praying for a Desire to Be in God’s Word”. We also asked the leaders to add in any they thought useful. I know in my small group we are listening to 1 John on audio once this week and reading it in one sitting. I encourage each of us to try reading a book of the Bible or listening to a book of the Bible this week.

Last night we had our Photo Scavenger Hunt. This was a HUGE success! We had 52 students show up and 15 of those were first-time guests that our students invited! Awesome job students! We had an awesome time driving all over South County. I hope your friends that came asked you questions about our church or about God. I hope that you will continue to talk with them about who God is and what He means in your life! Hope to see them and you again next Wednesday!


This Sunday we start our new series “Doubting God”. During this series we want to work through our doubts in our faith. As we read through the Bible we see multiple people who struggled with doubts to some degree or another. What we want to remind ourselves during this series is that we all have doubts and there is nothing wrong with that. What is good about doubts is they can force us to draw nearer to God in His Word. This Sunday we are going to look at the Doubts of John the Baptizer in Luke 7:18-23.

Next Wednesday we will talk about “Doubting God Exists”. I think this is one of the biggest doubts we need to address. In our culture there is a constant stream of people throwing doubts into whether or not God is real. This Wednesday we will take a look at Romans 1:18-23. I encourage all of our students to bring their friends, especially those that they invited to the Photo Scavenger Hunt.

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