Weekly Recap

Welcome to our Weekly Recap! We want to equip students and parents to live out the Gospel. One way we thought we could do this better is by looking back on what we learned from Sunday and Wednesday. We also want to look ahead to next week’s teaching. This way you can prepare ahead of time and remember what God has taught us.


Last Sunday we looked at “How Do I Make God’s Will My Will?” The concept behind this small group discussion was to discuss the root of our desires. When it comes to making God’s will our will it always comes back to the heart. Our genuine love for God will always drive us toward His will. We see this manifested in the story of the Rich Young Man. We encourage one another that the most important thing we can do is grow in our affections toward God. We encouraged each other to trust God, lean into His goodness, reflect on His faithfulness, and celebrate His unconditional love to begin that process.

Last Night we finished our series “Our Will vs. God’s Will”. We talked about “God, when can I…?” This question often reveals our desire to deviate from the plan God has for us. Our main text for the night was Matthew 16:21-23. We looked at verse 21 to see Jesus’ plan to suffer for our behalf. Then we looked at Peter’s rebuke and Jesus’ response in verses 22-23. I think Jesus’ words clearly sum up what we wanted the students to walk away with, “you are not setting your mind on the things of God, but on the things of man.” We hope that as we make plans and decisions in our lives we will always base them on the things of God (eternal) and not man (temporal).


This Sunday we will start our new series “Christmas According To…” We will look at “Christmas according to Culture.” We will take a look at three different aspects of culture around us and where they come from; Christmas tress, gift-giving and Santa Claus. Our goal for this small group session is to help us see how these different aspects can actually draw us closer to the Biblical narrative.

Next Wednesday we will look at “Christmas According To…Carols”. We will look at a few different Christmas carols and the meaning behind them. We hope that this will give us a greater sense of worship during the Christmas season.

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