Weekly Recap

Welcome to our Weekly Recap! We want to equip students and parents to live out the Gospel. One way we thought we could do this better is by looking back on what we learned from Sunday and Wednesday. We also want to look ahead to next week’s teaching. This way you can prepare ahead of time and remember what God has taught us.


Last Sunday we looked at “Christmas According To The Old Testament”. We discussed the expectations we have of the Messiah. In Scripture we can see the expectations that Israel had for the Messiah and we can see how Jesus, though He fulfilled them, looked a little bit different. We spent the majority of our morning discussing the different expectations we have about who Christ is. We hope that students will feel challenged to know Jesus for who He truly is and not just for who they think or want Him to be.

Sunday and Wednesday Night were our annual High School and Middle School Christmas Parties! These were a total blast and a huge success! Our students had tons of fun throughout the night and many brought their friends to hear about the truth of Christmas. Be sure to check back here tomorrow for pictures!


This Sunday is our last meeting of the year! We will discuss “Christmas According To Reality.” The main question we will wrestle with is “What does ‘God with us’ mean?” We will look at a few ideas in our small groups but we hope to hear more from you. I encourage everyone to check out Hebrews 4:15 as we prepare for our time together.

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