Weekly Recap

Welcome to our Weekly Recap! We want to equip students and parents to live out the Gospel. One way we thought we could do this better is by looking back on what we learned from Sunday and Wednesday. We also want to look ahead to next week’s teaching. This way you can prepare ahead of time and remember what God has taught us.


Last Sunday we looked at three teens around the world that are living out their faith in genuine/bold ways. We looked at Yun, a man from China that stopped at nothing to know who God was and to make Him known. Second, we looked at Valya who wasn’t willing to compromise the Gospel no matter what the consequences where at school. She truly lived out 2 Timothy 1:6-8. Lastly, we looked at Roy who was killed for professing his faith in Christ. He was a man who truly lived out Luke 12:8. We hope that these lives of faith give us all inspiration to live our faith genuinely and boldly. If you would like to see their stories feel free to email ben@conordlife.com.

Last night was our first Evening Worship of 2016! We looked at three teens in America that are living out their faith. We started with Katie Davis who is known for her book “Kisses from Katie”. You can check out her story here. Second, we looked at Sadie Robertson who has become an advocate for Christian teens to stay pure before marriage and to think twice about modesty. You can check out her story here. Lastly, we looked at Ethan Hallmark who battled a rare form of cancer. Despite the severe pain he felt everyday he continued to praise God and use the platform he had to speak about God. You can see his story here and here and here and here. In all this, it was our aim that we would live out 1 Timothy 4:12-16. That we would know we are not too young to do great things for God!


This Sunday we will look at the examples of Stephen, Peter and Paul in the Bible. We will see how they lived out their faith even when it was not status quo. One thing we can’t deny as we read about their lives in the Bible is they were definitely radical in their faith, stopping at nothing to spread the Gospel.

Next Wednesday we will look at a few missionaries that abandoned the comforts and safety of Western civilization.We will see how they truly lived out the call to be God’s witnesses to the ends of the earth.

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