HSMT 2016 – Day 1 (Sunday)

On the road again. Nothing like an endless picture of cornfields, roadways, and semi trucks! Turns out all of our labor from the day before proved fruitful because we have arrived safely, smoothly, and excited! Everyone is settled into their rooms for the night. One of the highlights from arriving was seeing Jack Young (who has been working here all summer) get to surprise his mom at dinner tonight. It was wonderful; tears were shed, as they should!

We got to meet with Don and Teena Lykins and get the run down on what to expect for the week. This week we will be going out into villages beginning Tuesday. We are planning to minister to the families and children in Sisseton Housing, Agency and Enemy Swim. We look forward to seeing old friends we have met over the years and creating new bonds to share the Gospel.

Along with going out to the villages we will do some projects around the camp. We plan to do posthole digging for a fence, perfecting the trail we worked on last year and tiding up maintenance chores around camp. Our students are excited for the opportunity to minister and serve. We can’t wait to see how God uses us for His great work.

Before I sign off for some much needed rest, know that God has been doing amazing things here at camp. Don and Teena have reported that the camp has seen 41 teens come to faith this summer! That is a huge number and is indicative that God is working in great ways. Secondly, they have baptized 20 people! One of the coolest stories was how one of the mom’s came to pick up her son and mentioned a desire to get baptized herself, something she had wanted to do but was unable and they were able to do it right then and there! It is wonderful to see how God moves. Though there are many great things there’s also lots of spiritual warfare as well. We have heard stories of hardships and demonic presence. We know that God is greater and will protect us so we do not need to be afraid. But please continue to pray for peace and His presence in all that we do.

Thank you for your prayers and your time! -Ben


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