HSMT 2016 – Day 2 (Monday)

Today has been a wonderful day of service. We spent the whole day doing service projects around the campground. I am so proud of our students! They worked hard in the warm sun and they did it all without complaining or grumbling. They were good to make sure and help out however needed.

Our main project for the day was working on the bridge that connects the property over a creek. As history serves, we built the bridge five years ago but the path has been slowly eroding away. We were able to dig out some of the dirt, place rocks (which were gathered from the creek) and reinforce trouble spots with cement. The students jumped right in with gathering rocks, digging, leveling ground, and cutting up wood to place as a barrier. We hope this will keep the path in good shape for many years to come!

Other than this, many of our students weed whacked, mowed, and cleaned up around the camp to prepare the grounds for the campers arrive tomorrow afternoon. I am excited to see how God moves here at Dakota Sonshine and on the reservations with all of our students.

God has been teaching us some pretty awesome things too. If you would like to see what we are learning in our devotional times you can click here to get the PDF. We had some great discussion in our evening debrief. I also gave out the challenge from John 13:34-35 for our students to love one another as Christ loved us. We know that if we are to have any identifier as true Christians it will first and foremost be by our love for one another. As we go out on the sites and as we interact with one another throughout the day we are challenged to love one another.

Pray that God will give us open doors to meet new kids on the reservations. Pray that we will live in unity with one another loving each other as Christ loved us.



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