HSMT 2016 – Day 3 (Tuesday)

Day 3 is behind us, and it was a great day watching our students jump in and show the love of Christ. The bridge project we began yesterday, which you’ve certainly seen pictures of on Facebook, was completed today and looks outstanding. The students all dove into the project and took ownership over the different tasks needed – definitely awesome team building.

After lunch, we loaded up the vehicles and headed out to our respective villages – Old Agency, Sisseton Housing and Enemy Swim. Thank God, we had an excellent first day out in the villages with no major issues and lots of excited kiddos looking for CSM Students they remembered from last year. What a blessing! Sadly the Enemy Swim team was rained out in their location, but they took advantage of the weather and drove around praying for the homes, the village, the kids, the next few days, even the small churches on the edge of the village. They drove over to meet the team at Old Agency fully knowing that God clearly wanted them to pray fully over the Enemy Swim village before starting back there tomorrow (Wednesday). As our teams got back together we heard story after story of how God was being shown through our students even in the midst of rowdy and unruly children who need the Gospel more than anything.

Tonight we showed the students “The Drop Box” movie, which was outstanding for them to experience. You can check it out by clicking here; highly recommend it with a box of tissues. We had some brief discussion; they seemed to be processing the hard reality of the world around us. It’s difficult to see the forgotten, the hurt and neglected children of the world and not want to protect and love them all. More than likely, tomorrow’s work project time in the morning will have some good follow-up discussion. (A little background: Tue-Friday morning we work at Camp Dakota Sonshine, the mission we’ve worked with for years, and then in the afternoon we disperse to the three villages we’ve built connections with to spend time with the children who live there.)

Keep praying for open doors and receptive hearts. Even after we leave and the children have experienced Jesus through our actions, words, love and attitude – they have a hard life. Even with the opportunities they have at Dakota Sonshine thorough the year, their families may not believe and in some cases actively pull them away from Jesus. They struggle to know how deeply they are loved, if by no one else than Jesus. Pray that the Spirit moves in their lives here and gives us the wisdom to know how to love them well.


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