HSMT 2016 – Day 7 (Saturday)

So many cornfields today! This morning we began our trek back home from South Dakota. Big shout out to the wonderful leaders on this trip. Amy Young, Nancy Stallard, Clara Maloy and Brian Maloy did an amazing job all week loving our students and encouraging them. This morning their help getting the cabins cleaned out and the students packed was incredible. Getting everyone going is always difficult and everything was seamless this morning. I think this was the most relaxed pack up day I have ever had in youth ministry because of their leadership and servant hearts.

Before we left we got to meet one last time with Don Lykins and the team at Dakota Sonshine. Don presented our team with a picture from their camps over the summer. He also shared with us how God has been moving in the Native American culture. Through the Lykin’s faithfulness over the past 13 years they have finally begun to reap the harvest for their labor. Their perseverance in the faith is so encouraging and inspiring. There is so much room for the Gospel to explode in their area.

After breakfast traveled from Dakota Sonshine to our hotel in Independence, MO. Everything went smooth on the way with no hiccups! Praise the Lord for that! When we got to the hotel we got together to debrief the memorable moments and what God has been teaching us throughout the week. It was so incredible to hear from our students what God showed and taught them. God was doing work this week! It was so wonderful to hear the many stories of how He was at work. I encourage you to chat with a student about what they found memorable and what God taught them over the week. You will be blessed by it I guarantee!

Thank you so much for all your prayers. Thank you for your support financially through Trivia Night and other things. We are so blessed to have a praying church and family members. Please continue to pray that God will move in the lives of the children we were able to minister to. Pray for the Lykins that God will fill them with wisdom and boldness to continue sharing the Gospel to a people who are in desperate need of hope and truth. Pray that God will give us safe travels in the morning back home. We are so thankful for you taking time to read through these!



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