Parents we see you as the vital disciplers of your child’s life. We at CSM want to come alongside you and help you in anyway that we can. Three ways that we do this is by keeping you “in the know” with our Monthly Parent Newletter and this website. Thirdly, by providing you with material and workshops that will help you in the discipling process.


If you have not signed up to be a part of our Monthly Parent Newsletter email, click here. Be sure to check the box that says “students”. In each monthly newsletter we will outline what is coming up for the whole month; events, messages and recaps from the month before.


We hope that this website will keep you informed on any new information. We try to keep it updated with stories of what is going on at CSM; from meetings to events. Occasionally we will make announcements about camp and will provide any forms needed to be filled out for upcoming events. We will also try to write stories about what God is doing while we are away at Retreats, Camps and Mission Trips.


We want to give you every opportunity to see your children grow to a mature faith in Christ. So we also provide you with opportunities to learn how to disciple your children in the most effective way. Each year we will provide at least one opportunity to visit a workshop or seminar. Also at each parent meeting we will do our best to provide you with “take home” material and challenges that can help you effectively minister to your child’s faith. We will keep you informed when those meetings and events come up through the Monthly Parent Newsletter and on the website’s Main Page.

2018 Medical Release

Scholarship Application

Monthly Parent Newsletter

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