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Hoedown 2017

Christmas Party 2016

Middle School Mission Trip 2016

Man vs. Wild 2016

Christmas Parties 2015

Hoedown 2015

Middle School Mission Trip 2015

30 Hour Famine 2015

Middle School Christmas Party 2014

High School Christmas Party 2014

Middle School Mission Trip 2014

Middle School Christmas Party 2013

High School Christmas Party 2013

Hoedown 2013

High School Mission Trip 2013

Breakaway 2013

30 Hour Famine 2013

High School Techno Bunco 2013

Middle School Techno Bunco 2013

Man vs Wild 2013

Middle School Christmas Party 2012

High School Christmas Party 2012

Breakaway 2012

Luther House Church

Big Chill 2012

Clash N Bowl 2011

Middle School Christmas Party 2011

High School Christmas Party 2011

Hoedown 2011

To view more of our albums click here.

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